Blessing Box

The Blessing Box is our outdoor food pantry.  We operate this food pantry as a way to help those in our community in need. We intentionally stock it with products which can be easily accessed by all in need.

Clothes Closet

We want to make sure no one in our community is without warm clothing or clothing needed to for a job interview. Therefore, we operate a clothing closet as a way to help those in need in our community. 

Ask Pastor Jim

If you drive by the church during the lunch hour, you may see our pastor sitting at a table on the side of 21st street. Every time he is at his booth, someone stops (many times many people stop!) asking for prayer, counsel and other things. Pastor Jim uses this opportunity to minister to people and to share the Gospel and answer questions from those in the community.  CLICK HERE to visit Pastor Jim’s YouTube page. Have a question for Pastor Jim? CLICK HERE